Do you see yourself being able to take this risk?

The Neovare™ Hereditary Cancer Test is an easy and simple blood or saliva test that assesses the risk of developing cancer due to hereditary gene mutations and could be covered by your insurance if you meet the criteria of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (National medical society).

Top quality clinical testing is our priority and we use the latest technologies coupled with the most convenient billing method for you. We offer two tests to effectively asses your risk of developing hereditary cancer:

NEOVARE™ DIAGNOSTIC – This test is for patients who have a strong personal or family history of being a carrier of a hereditary cancer mutation. These patients meet the national medical society guidelines and in most cases are covered by their insurance provider. Since these patients are at high risk, we combine two different technologies (NGS and Microarray) for a comprehensive diagnostic panel.

NEOVARE™ SCREEN - This test is for patients who do not meet the national medical society guideline and therefore are not covered by insurance. This, however, does not mean they have zero risk of developing hereditary cancer. It only means that hey are not at a higher risk than the average population. Since the national medical society guidelines don’t cover all types of hereditary cancers, we offer our patients this test using Microarray Technology at the nominal price of $150. The test is considered a screening test as it utilizes this technology to asses the 24,000 most common hereditary cancer mutations.