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Container: Purple top (EDTA) tube (preferred). Yellow top (citric acetate) or grey top (potassium oxalate/sodium fluoride) tube also accepted.Amount: 3-5ccExceptions*: Blood samples not accepted for patients that have undergone an allogenic transplant (e.g. bone marrow or peripheral stem cell) OR that have a history of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). More details listed below.*Special Collection Notes:Transfusion patients: Wait at least 2 weeks after a packed cell/platelet transfusion, and at least 4 weeks after a whole blood transfusion prior to blood draw for testing.Chemotherapy patients: DNA quality may be affected if patient has received chemotherapy within the last 120 days. Clients will be contacted to provide additional specimen if DNA quality is insufficient. Storage: Room temperature at 15-30 °C (short-term). Refrigerated at 2-8 °C (long-term). DO NOT FREEZE.Stability: When stored per above, stable for 7 days, refrigerated. Stability may be affected if stored at room temperature for more than 3 days. Please contact Neovare if your sample is more than 7 days old.Shipping For whole blood, ship ambient for 2-day delivery (preferred) using the Neovare Sample Collection Kit, or similar. * Patients with a history of active/recent hematological disease, (e.g. leukemia, lymphoma, or myelodysplastic syndrome) will be subject to additional review prior to accessioning.