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If you need to know more about hereditary cancer testing (before or after having the test), you can schedule an appointment with one of our board certified genetic counselors at no cost.

Importance of Genetic Counselling

Genetic counseling is generally recommended with any genetic testing for a hereditary cancer syndrome (before or after testing). Counseling explains the meaning of positive, uncertain or negative test results. This counseling is performed by a certified genetic counselor or other health care professional who is experienced in cancer genetics. Genetic counseling usually covers many aspects of the testing process, including discussion of:

  • The appropriateness of genetic testing, the meaning and benefits of testing
  • The medical implications of positive, negative, and uncertain test results
  • The possibility that a test result might not be informative (i.e., it might find a variant whose effect on cancer risk is not known)
  • The psychological risks and benefits of genetic test results
  • The risk of passing a variant to children
  • The impact of testing for the family
  • The best test to perform
  • Explanation of the specific test(s) that might be used and the technical accuracy of the test(s) and their interpretation
  • Genetic counselling may also include discussing recommendations for preventive care and screening with the patient, referring the patient to support groups and other information resources, and providing emotional support to the person receiving the results.

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